Middle East Smart Landscape Summit 2019

18-19 March 2019
Roda Al Bustan
Dubai, UAE


Sponsors and Partners

Believing that being environmentally friendly is not only a commitment but a lifestyle, their structures, construction material and designs are in accordance with environmentally friendly practices and guidelines.

The company’s primary roofing material is a unique thatching material that only grows on the Southern tip of the African continent. Because of its scarcity, very strict farming practices are being adhered to in order to ensure its sustainability. All structural timber used are harvested from sustainable forests and pressure treated to ensure the preservation and durability of the timber structures.
Cape Reed International applies the very latest technology, right from design up to final construction, including a unique fire retardant construction method that complies with international health and safety requirements.
SIS Pitches designed, constructed and installed sports pitches throughout the world including the 1st leading European Clubs, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Benfica, Juventus, Ajax, Porto, Shakhtar Donetsk and both Glasgow Celtic and Rangers in addition for the National Football Stadiums in Scotland, Portugal, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, France, Wales, Denmark, Ukraine, Italy, Germany, Spain, Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.
SIS has designed and built SIX (6) Stadiums in Russia for the World Cup 2018, among which Luzhniki, Spartak Moscow, Rostov, Kaliningrad, Saransk and Samara Stadiums
SIS Middle East has also designed, constructed and maintained several football pitches in UAE, while recently in Qatar for the World Cup 2022. The full pitch service provided by SIS Pitches is based on the practical experience we’ve gained in natural and hybrid grass, 3G and Synthetic football pitch construction for the world’s best teams for over a decade.
SIS Pitches is a FIFA Licensee, a World Rugby Turf Producer and a Certified FIH Manufacturer. Our experienced and expert team not only construct world-leading pitches but also offer comprehensive aftercare and maintenance services, we help our customers maintain the best quality pitches that last longer.
We are extremely proud that all SIS Synthetic turf for both Sports and Leisure are manufactured in our factory that is located in Marry Port, Cumbria.

One of the oldest block manufacturing companies in the Middle East, RAKNOR has expanded over the last four decades from being a pioneer in the industry to becoming the market leader, continually evolving to meet the growing demand for quality concrete products in the booming U.A.E. market. As the construction industry here has grown ever-more advanced and imaginative in the breadth and scope and of individual building projects, so too has RAKNOR increased its own expertise and sophistication to become the leading provider of masonry blocks both in terms of quantity and quality. Today, we are proud to say that our products are at the heart of the construction industry and are pivotal in the construction of local hospitals, schools, airport, office and residential complexes in the region and beyond.


For over 14 years WTB Group is by your side, helping you shape the Middle East, below ground to urban beautification. Operating three distinct business divisions, we assist your projects with Environmental Storm & sewage water management, civil and infrastructure, landscaping, street furniture, shade & Play equipment.

We partner with international manufacturers to propose outstanding products and services, we nurture our own people to be able to support our customers throughout the whole project process, and we operate our business at a standard that has earned customer loyalty and leadership in our industry within GCC region.

Ever since its inception in 1975, Consent has specialized in an extensive range of precast concrete hardscape products that offer sustainable solutions to the ever growing demands of the construction industry. Consent factories are equipped with advanced technology and are fully automated for maximum production and energy efficiency.  Consent’s strong R&D base helps us launch innovative products suitable for the region. Our facility lets designers Architects, Designers and Engineers to select the right color and finish based on SRI to meet the green building regulations
Consent has collaborated with several leading companies across the globe and incorporated in its portfolio products like Terraforce, Rosetta, PermaTrak, Stavo Block, Keystone, Enviro Blocks, Metten and Urbastyle. In 2018 Consent partnered with Karablok, a UK based Company dealing with Precast Concrete Security Barriers for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation and used as Ballistic and Blast Wall.  The Consent range of pavers was further enhanced to include the Perfetto paving products from Hungary. 

Fujairah Concrete Products is a subsidiary of Fujairah Building Industries PSC. A leading manufacturer of concrete products since its establishment in 1978, Fujairah Concrete Products is known to manufacture the highest quality of concrete products and sources its Gabbro aggregates from Fujairah National Quarry; which ensures the quality and continuity of the aggregates and sand.


Gulf Perlite LLC is a manufacturer of Perlite-based products deployed to projects across the GCC and wider Middle East from our state-of-the-art production facility in Jebel Ali, Dubai. Our product range exploits the diverse properties of Perlite, a lightweight, inert, pH neutral and versatile mineral.

Landscaping applications benefit from the high water retention property of Perlite due to its naturally porous structure, reducing the irrigation demand by half, as well as reducing soil mix density (Perlite has a density of 80 kg/m³) on elevated planters and podiums. As Perlite mineral is an inorganic, reliable and proven soil additive, it improves soil quality and naturally sustains plant growth and healthy root systems with a one-time application.

Due to the economic and ecological advantages of Perlite, as it significantly reduces the demand for irrigation water, it is fast-becoming the strategic solution for project developers in the region.


MODBLOC is an innovative French brand that specializes in retaining walls construction through its products and systems (gravity / reinforced walls).

The patented concept can be used in a wide range of applications including landscaping, infrastructure, water management, urban developments, etc. It provides unique benefits whether regarding aesthetic (flexibility), efficiency (yields of installation) and environment (recyclable blocks).

The regional office operates from the UAE servicing the Middle East.

MODBLOC Middle East provides the full services related to the retaining structure needs from the Design stage to the wall construction.

All products are made locally in ISO certified & Dubai-Municipality approved manufacturing facilities.


We are the leading recreational facility provider in the UAE. We bring a complete turn-key solution from designing stage, supply, construction and preventive maintenance.

We are also a  proud partner of  Landscape Structures Inc.  who are the leaders in “Inclusive Playground “.


Since 1971, Landscape Structures Inc. (LSI) has been committed to enhancing children’s lives by fostering and creating inspiring play experiences all while honoring Mother Nature.
LSI creates innovative playground equipment that helps children grow strong bodies and minds which in turn ensures their future remains bright.

LSI is a leader in inclusive and sensory play and encourages children from all ability levels to participate and promote their development.


Al Wasail industrial Co is one of the largest manufacturers of Polyethylene pipe and related fitting in Middle East, used for Drinking water supply; Agriculture & Irrigation systems; Gas pipeline; Sewage, Drainage & Waste water pipelines; Relining of old pipelines; Submarine pipelines; Water treatment plants; Electrical conduits {above & underground cable ducting}; Cold & Hot water supply; Water wells; Pools; Seawater applications; Mining industries, Ant fire mains; Column pipes for submersible pumps; compression line; lift & gravity water supply systems.
 Al Wasail was founded in 1979 in  (K.S.A) the  plants/factories located at Al Qassim   city about 320 km north to Riyadh the capital in its own freehold area of 225,000 square meters. Al Wasail specializing in the manufacturing & supplying of polyethylene (High & Low density) pipes and relevant fittings. We are built on operating philosophies that include commitments to high quality, practical cost and excellent customer service.. Our current manufacturing capacity is over 70,000 tons annually.
HDPE pipe are produce from 3 MM to  3000 mm in diameter with normal pressure rating PN 4, up to  PN25 . All pipe and fitting are manufactured according to s ,DIN 8074 , ISO 4427/ 1167 which is accepted universally and  also we manufacture  pipe and fitting for according to ASTM/AWWA901/FM1613.


LIGMAN is committed to producing world-class, high efficiency and top quality outdoor and indoor lighting products and is now being recognised for these key merits not only in local markets but internationally by lighting professionals.
Utilising state of the art advanced modern technology, the highest level of technical expertise and innovative designs, LIGMAN is committed to ensuring product quality and offering total lighting solutions for their customers, with every lighting component used in their luminaires carefully considered and of the highest quality.
LIGMAN is continuously expanding its global footprints and ready to provide their customers with excellent service and collaboration to provide greater lighting solutions for all your projects.
Today, LIGMAN with 4 factories and more than 100 representatives all over the world, is your global, flexible and competitive lighting solution partner.


Established in 2009 as specialized outdoor decking company with capabilities for executing large scale. Projects , recently completed Jumeriah beach 2 , Private island resort , Maroom Sanctuary for wild life , Pedestrian bridge and Eastern promenade in Blue waters development.

Area of Expertise:

  • Specialized in high end wooden floorings e.g. carved, handmade and end grain types and Natural oiled wooden flooring.
  • Standard-design available for everybody (Hotel, gastronomy, fashion, interior, creative industry, private)
  • Custom-design: only for a brand (gastronomy, fashion, interior, brand and creative industry).
  • Laser cut and Carving Flooring.
  • Coop-design: for designer (hotels & creative industry).
  • Outdoor decking (Composite & Natural).
  • Sports Flooring (Sprung flooring, Rubber and Cushioned PVC).
  • PVC & Vinyl Flooring (Homogenous, Heterogonous and Luxury Vinyl Tiles).
  • Refurbishments for existing wood flooring and Decking.
  • Supplier of natural oil, lacquer, stains and flooring Cleaning Products.

Hepworth, based in Dubai has been manufacturing and marketing pipes, fittings and related products in the Middle East for over 40 years. We manufacture PVC, HDPE,PPR, PB and ABS pipes and fittings in the UAE and Qatar and additionally trade through our subsidiary companies in Oman, Bahrain and SaudiArabia and our UAE-based export operations. We represent and manufacture pipes and fittings under license for Wavin and Georg Fischer and distribute other complementary products including equipment and valves for AVK and other principals.


Hadayeq Landscape LLC. is specialized in:

  • Design, Installation, and Maintenance of Irrigation System
  • Design, Installation, and Maintenance of Landscape works
  • Construction of Green Houses
  • Specialized landscape Features as Per Client’s Requirement
  • Construction of Multi-Purpose Sports Pitches
  • Football Grounds
  • Water and Fountain Features
  • Children’s Play Equipment’s
  • Garden Lightings
  • Wooden Works and Street Furniture
  • Garden and other Leisure Places

    Hadayeq Landscape employee highly qualified technical and dedicated staff to ensure the best possible services to the community.

Hunter Industries Inc. is a world leader in the development and production of innovative and efficient landscape irrigation systems, with head offices and facilities based in San Marcos, north of San Diego, California.

Beyond products, Hunter’s infrastructure as a corporation is built to minimize resource use as well. From the LEED certified factories and facilities, to extensive material waste reduction efforts, every aspect of the business was developed to use as little resource as possible. Moving forward our promise to our customers and community remains the same: In every endeavor, Hunter Industries will strive to employ business practices that use natural resources as efficiently as possible

Hunter’s innovative and ever reliable-water efficient irrigation products has been the No.1 choice for irrigation professionals all around the world for the last 3 decades. Hunter has been also a major player and the prime choice for irrigating and greening the landscape developments in the harsh Arabian Gulf environments creating the most beautiful and sustainable landscapes for the last over 20 years.


EUROBOLLARD is a rising star of street furniture across Europe. We are specialist on manufacturing stainless steel and CORTEN steel products, mainly on bespoke projects.

Stainless and CORTEN steel are durable and robust materials, 100% recycled and recyclable. So our products reduces the carbon footprint and promotes the circle economy. On the other hand, the cutting edge design and the cleanliness of our products aim to change your mind regarding street furniture!

All of our standard products were designed by landscapers or architects together with our engineering team. EUROBOLLARD is certified by TÜV, according to ISO 9001 and EN1090.


BNC (Business News for Construction) is a flagship project intelligence service of Industry Networks, a leading provider of construction intelligence and informatics in the Middle East & North Africa.

BNC tracks projects from concept to completion and offers a range of comprehensive and pertinent information including key details of property developers, consultants, contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers involved with a project.


Landscape magazine is the first specialized monthly publication targeting the landscaping industry in the Middle East since June 2007. It is distributed to Thousands professionals in the UAE, KSA, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt, and others. The list includes government agencies, developers, contractors, traders, consultants, landscape architects, and others in this field.


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18-19 March 2019

Roda Al Bustan
Dubai, UAE



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